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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is sports profiles USA?
  Sports Profiles USA are websites for athletes. The website contains information about a specific sport – the significant statistics about the sport, the athlete’s physical attributes, a photo of the athlete, academic standing, and contact information; optionally a video contains highlights of the athlete’s performance, a website domain name and hosting.
2. What is a domain name?
  The domain name is the name that the internet will recognize your site. Example:
3. What is hosting?
  Hosting allows the website to be accessible via the World Wide Web. Companies provide space on a server that the website (files/information) and connectivity to the internet.
4. Can an athlete have sports statistics on more than one sport on a sports profiles USA website?
  The profile contains statistics on only one sport; however if there are other sports in which the athlete excels, they can list the sport(s) and indicate major accomplishments. For example, we can add a category called Other Sports. Here the athlete could indicate they have played football for 6 years and have been captain of the team for 2 years.
5. What are some common statistics that could be displayed on a sports profiles USA website?
  Basketball Common Statistics:points, rebounds, steals, blocks, turnovers, free throw percentages, and three point field goal percentage
Football Common Statistics: yards, attempts, completions, completion percentages, touchdowns, interceptions, and sacks
Baseball Common Statistics: runs batted in, assist, at bat, batting average, home run percentage, home runs, and shutouts

6. What sports can be highlighted on a sports profiles USA?
  A Sports Profiles USA website can be created for any sport.
7. What physical attributes are generally listed on a Sports Profile USA website?
  The athlete’s height, weight and/or hand dominance.
8. Once someone sees the sports profiles US website, how can they contact me?
  The website home page contains a contact email address for the athlete. The contact us page contains a form that visitors can complete and send an email to the athlete, parent/guardian and/or coach; whichever the athlete and/or parent decide.
9. What makes a Sports Profiles USA website different from what other companies offer?
  Other company’s create a web page for the athlete on their website; visitors go to the company’s website to view the athlete’s web page. Sports Profiles USA websites are individual websites created specifically for the athlete.
10. What are the advantages of having a sports profiles USA website?
  - You can send the link of your website to as many coaches/colleges/universities as you want and at all at one time.
  - The website is a summary of the athlete’s experience, capabilities, skills, and awards
  - The website is professional and a quick read for anyone who sees it
  - The website is a convenient way to share the same information
  - The website is a cost effective and efficient way to get information to a coach, college, university, and others.