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Product Overview

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A sports profile is a website designed specifically for athletes. Unlike other sports websites, the athlete has his own website. The website contains action images of the athlete, the athlete’s statistics, and optionally the athlete can have a video page with significant highlights. Once the website is created the athlete (parent or guardian) can send the website link to as many people as they want. There are no DVDs to make or packages to mail to be lost in a stack of materials on someone’s desk.


Whether you are a student athlete wanting to land an athletic scholarship to a college or university, a college student trying to get to the next level – semi pro or professional team, or an individual who is wants to be discovered; a sports profile is a great investment.

The advantage of a coach receiving a sports profile verse the traditional DVD:
  - The sports profile is electronic (no DVD's to keep track of)

The information is in summary form - the coach can get a quick introduction to the athlete's skills, experience and capability
  - The coach doesn't have to file anything in a drawer - just keep the link in their electronic mail box
  - A sports profile is paperless
  - A sports profile is a website so it's fast - you can send the information quickly over the internet


  Sports Profiles USA Examples:

  Basketball Sports Profiles USA  
  Baseball Sports Profiles USA  

                     Diamond DeShields - Guard
                University of Tennessee - Knoxville  


     Delino DeShields, Jr. - Centerfield/Second Base
                             Texas Rangers
  Football Sports Profiles USA  
  Sports Profiles USA LEGENDS  

                        Dallas Walker - Tight End
                                 Free Agent

          Marques Haynes - Basketball Hall of Famer
          The Harlem Globetrotter and the Magicians

Sports Profiles USA Honors Marques Haynes
First Harlem Globetrotter player enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame
Marques played with the Globetrotters and the Magicians. Haynes became an internationally famous athlete and basketball entertainer. He played in more than 12,000 games, traveled more than four million miles, and captivated fans in 97 countries around the globe. His dribbling style confused and confounded opponents and became one of the Globetrotters' most potent offensive weapons.
Mr. Haynes taught me a lot about the game of basketball and life. We will miss you. The world's greatest ball handler and dribbler "Marques Oreole Haynes".
  Gary G-Man McClendon